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design Anna Nałęcka-Milach
link www.nalecka.com

Kacper Kowalski discovered flying 20 years ago – approximately at the same time as photography. As a paraglider, a pilot of small aircrafts and a gyrocoptor, he would fly into the air with an engine strapped to his back to discover the world of form, shape and pattern that revealed solely in front of his eyes. From 150 meters above the ground level, the landscape he saw and captured on his camera was turning into abstract images that he chose to see. The quest of discovery of every next photograph made flying a drug, and a camera was an excuse to explore the endlessness in the air – the state of non-being, both exciting and meditative. 

In 2015 something changed – he felt that the quest of discovery was over: not only because his eye seemed to could have been easily replaced with a camera attached to the drone, but also because his artistic signature that defined him over the years of successful career did not to satisfy him anymore. This is when “OVER” began. In the winter of 2016 Kowalski found himself in the air again – this time to begin a journey into the unknown: and instead of looking for images, he was guided by emotions. Rising in the frosty, winter air, he was suspended in time and space, reaching a new point of view and images that beyond patterns, shapes and colors communicate a state of mind: “An eternal quest for a world that would belong to nobody but me. Searching for a form which only imply the content. Which guides without defining. It doesn’t matter what I see when looking, but what I feel.”

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