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Format P #4 freshly printed!


project format P quarterly # 4
design Jakub Jezierski
link www.jakubjezierski.com

An artist-driven journal in pocket book format. #4 “The Future of Art Criticism as Pure Fiction.
A Set of 19 Exhibition and One Collateral Event”

Raqs Media Collective: Proverbs
Sina Najafi: Cut the Bean
Ingo Niermann: The Completists
Dieter Roelstraete: The Function of Fiction B (PDF)
Shankar Barua: The Bubbly Bumpkin Story (condensed)
Łukasz Gorczyca & Łukasz Ronduda: Half Empty (xero)
Natasa Petrein-Bachelez: Haus der Lüge
Magnolia de la Garza Be Realistic: Demand the Impossible
Antje Majewski: Freisler
Aaron Schuster: Presenting Wilfred Bions A Memoir of the Future
Ysla Leaver-Lap: An Acquisition
Sebastian Cichocki: L.A.S.T. L.E.A.K. (The visionaries of the 1960s were dreaming about us). Radio Edit
Stine Hebert & Asli Çavuşoglu: Renegotiating Delivery 6
Martha Kirszenbaum: The Visit: A Pseudonymi
Övül Durmuşoglu: Untitled
Tom Morton: The Following Being the True Confession of Giuseppe Sacchi, Sinner
Thibaut de Ruyter: less money, more love (extended version)
Dieter Roelstraete: Hoichi the Earless (Apocryphal)
Barbara Piwowarska: Footnote 4. Disambiguation
Collateral event: The New Regulations (postcard)

size: 11,3 x 17 cm


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